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The new generation play to earn
3D Shooter

* System Requirements: AMD and Intel processors are supported only.
Min RAM 2 GB, min GPU 1 GB. More details are available here.

play to earn

RedAttack is a multiplayer shooter, in which teams of terrorists battle to commit an act of terror while counter-terrorists try to prevent it.

Play, compete, and win to earn $RDK. Our players are awarded with RedAttack’s token $RDK and NFTs for their individual performances.

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unlock items

Unlock limited and rare collectible weapons, battle passes, skins and special features. RedAttack uses NFT technology to power the game’s collectibles. Such collectibles can be freely exchanged on the open market.

You may also stake your RDK tokens to unlock access to special features, maps, weapon and experiences.

battle passes
RDK Token

RedAttack Token (ticker: RDK or $RDK) is the main currency in the RedAttack game universe. $RDK is a utility ERC20 token on Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. RedAttack has a built-in supply and demand mechanism that rewards early players and drives scarcity to $RDK.

loot boxes

Access limited items, including unique skins and game-changing equipment by opening loot boxes. Each box comes with a randomized selection of goods, and might come with especially rare collectible items.

create and earn

Any user who owns a certain amount of $RDK token, is able to create his own maps and skins. You can earn royalties in RDK token for players playing on your maps. You can also trade maps as NFTs.

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Start playing now! Download RedAttack for free. It is currently available for PC only. No registration needed.